From a Parent:

“My usually bright and bubbly 11 year old daughter began to complain about not being able to sleep. This started to affect her relationships with her friends and her performance at school. She started complaining of pains in her throat, chest and stomach but, there was no medical explanation for it. We realised she was experiencing stress and anxiety. Using creative art therapy Claire was able to unlock our daughters fears and anxieties and enable her to find her voice. She helped and guided our daughter to find the solutions to the things that were holding her back, as well as teach her some strategies that she can use throughout her day to day life. Our daughter has renewed interest in her studies, hobbies and friends and has learned that there is always a solution to the problem. We are very grateful to Claire for empowering our daughter and for the parenting guidance we received. It has had a positive impact on our whole family.”

Now I know why I do this! Thank you Zarah – this lovely testimonial is from a Group Leader running Kidzcraft in Kildare (and currently expanding her fantastic groups)

‘When I first attended group leader training with Claire, I truly never thought I would have the confidence to create what I have managed to in the past 2 years. I began this journey with and for my son who has moderate autism. I discovered so many things along the way about myself both as a practitioner and a person. The experience I have gained is priceless. I am grateful to Hometrain for providing me with a stepping stone and a genius starting point. Hometrain allowed me to focus on my practice as opposed to the minefield of how to organise a social skills group. My advice to myself sitting in that training room again would be start small and slowly build on things. Invest yourself in this and you will reap the rewards. Be organised, informed, flexible and get to know the individual children and your staff. Most of all enjoy it otherwise what is the point?’